The Beginning

There is no law in this country. That means the system the average American living in a single family home believes protects them from criminals with and without backing of the government doesn’t exist. But what does exist in its place? Well, we have a system where families of murder victims have to look at the admitted, acquitted murderers go free and often gain wealth and notoriety for their cowardly crimes. Even if the powers that be relocate the killers the internet and the 24/7 cable news cycle serve as constant yet unpredictable reminders of the killer’s freedom, celebrity and life of financial stability. These little reminders often come on the eve of tests, presentations, weddings, the birth of children destroying focus and stealing joy. 
Lilly Webster is confronted with her brother’s killer in person at the worst possible time. She is in the midst of a test that’s the culmination of fifteen years of training – her black belt test.  At the moment where Lilly was supposed to demonstrate complete control she was suddenly and unexpectedly confronted with the one thing, the one trigger that could in a split second negate a decade’s worth of training and turn her back into the rage-filled six year-old who told a courtroom full of people what she saw a man do to her adolescent brother only to see half of them do nothing, and the other half barely able to contain their delight. The worst people weren’t the people who didn’t believe her, the worst were the people that did.
Predictably Lilly lashes out.  Of course nobody around her knows why.  They react as one might expect and the pain inside Lilly bubbles over and the first people she hurts are her fellow students. And they don’t know why. So what are they to conclude? Nothing specific, but they know there is something wrong with Lilly. There must be right? How could they possibly think anything different? The killer among them looks just like a man in street clothes, a man who might want to drop in for a free lesson or sign up his kid.
There are layers of horror here.  We have a senseless murder. One. We have that murderer still at large. Two. We have that murder at large because they were acquitted. Three. The acquittal wasn’t for lack of evidence or a legal loophole, it was because the government actually blessed the killing. Five.  It was because the government blessed the killing and six citizens representing the people also blessed that killing. Six. Then there are the people who get hurt by someone living with one through six. Those people are little more likely to believe the fairy-tale narrative that a 140 lb. unarmed child could somehow threaten a 220 lb. armed man because after all people like that, there’s just something wrong with them. Particularly now that racism is over. There’s a black president, what more do they want?


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