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The American understanding of guns comes not from the Second Amendment, but from a recently deceased Justice’s interpretation of it in District of Columbia v. Heller in 2008. This decision, which created law not through legislation but through precedent, stated unequivocally that gun ownership was not protected for collective defense of communities, but for individual use. Three years later the frequency of mass shootings went from six months to two months on average. This was the inevitable result of an institution, the Supreme Court, whose real legacy is doubling down on the most heinous evil that destroys American lives and tears at the very fabric of the country. These atrocities aided and abetted by the Supreme Court include slavery, segregation, eugenics, and in the last fifteen years a severe curtailing of voting rights, everything from the elimination of the Florida recount that led to the second Bush Presidency to the recent weakening of the Voting Rights Act.
It is interesting to look at different Superheroes and their relationship with guns. Superman is bullet-proof. Batman won’t use guns because they killed his parents. Captain America is a soldier, uses gun frequently, yet it is his shield that is iconic. A character’s use of and ability to withstand attacks by guns are rules as essential to the nature of a fictional world as gravity is to the nature of reality. There is also a statistically significant correlation with gun use and being a villain/morally ambiguous.
Lilly’s relationship with guns at first appears simple. She uses guns and has no special defense against them. But Lilly, like several mainstream characters, witnessed a murder with a gun of a blood relative at a very young age. But Lilly not only shows a lack of aversion for the weapon, but also a lack of emotional content period. Many individuals who experience a murder at a young age can’t wait to join the military or the police academy and receive formal training with guns, whose awesome power influenced their life as much as it did. A gun is just a tool to her.
Perhaps what is more interesting is the relationship guns have with non-named characters, specifically the shoot-out in the Babies R Us. What we are forced to ask ourselves is “why would so many people bring guns to shop for the infant in their lives?” But this is only the beginning. As bodies begin to drop it is only a matter of time before a child picks up a gun. What happens next is hard to process.


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