Northern Virginia/Southern Florida

Northern Virginia/Southern Florida
At the time we’re writing this it’s not exactly clear where in Florida Lilly lived before her older brother’s murder, but we do know definitely that Northern Virginia is where she and her family end up. Northern Virginia and Southern Florida represent the bread of the Old Confederacy Sandwich (as opposed to the Gulf of Mexico and the Mason-Dixon Line) because both areas have large populations that do not hail from the South. Folks come to Northern Virginia to become beltway bandits, cogs in the awesome federal machine. Folks go to southern florida because it’s southern florida. These folks, often originally from the Northeast, bring their liberal sensibilities with them, and this tug-of-war is responsible for the swing in the last handful of Presidential elections, most infamously in 2000. It would seem like Lilly has moved far, far away. But she hasn’t really.
Two analogies come to mind. If you live on the edge of a large desert and spend 40 days to traverse it by foot when crossing it takes 41 days. Another is living on the edge of a Native American reservation and moving from one side to another. In either situation not a lot fundamentally changes. This makes the chance encounter with her brother’s killer less improbable.
Lilly is very much a native Washingtonian. She works for the federal government and her brother is a federal contractor. She calculates distance in minutes. She views the other side of the beltway (Maryland) with suspicion and vague disdain. But she has no discernible attachment to her city of region regarding her mission as Grey Hood.
It can be said that many superheroes play “zone.” Venture into Gotham City, Metropolis or NYC and the appropriate hero will stop you, even if you’re relatively small-time. But the very world has to be at stake to get any one of these heroes to move. Grey Hood appears to play “man-to-man.” She is after certain individuals and whether she can follow them to where they reside is simply a matter of resources. This is something that can only be really fleshed out in future issues when all the threads of the origin story have been resolved.


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